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Our Technology

The basis of Cellphire’s technology is derived from nature. There are plants and animals able to withstand the loss of water caused by severe heat or cold by making the sugar trehalose, which replaces the water that evaporates over time. Once re-exposed to a humid atmosphere or water, they “come back to life” and are fully functional/viable.

Cellphire applied this lesson from nature to develop its proprietary cell stabilization technology, which combines a specific formulation based on trehalose and other excipients with platelets. The cells are then freeze-dried. This process stabilizes the platelets and allows for long-term storage (3 years) at ambient temperatures. And just as in nature—adding sterile water rehydrates the cells, which are immediately active.

Trehalose at Work in Nature

Time-lapse footage of a rose of Jericho plant (Selaginella lepidophylla) opening. This desert plant can survive almost total desiccation, curling into a tight ball, and opening when exposed to moisture.

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