Our Science

Our Technology

Cellphire’s proprietary technology allows us to place human cells into a reversible state of suspended animation which preserves cell structure and permits long-term storage of cells for up to 3 years. Our product is allogeneic because we are also able to pool cells from many donors which enables us to produce at scale a consistent, pathogen-reduced product that is safe, that is independent of patient blood-type matching, and that doctors can trust.

Based on this scientific foundation, we can develop cellular therapies that were not previously commercially possible. 

Our initial breakthrough has been the long-term stabilization of platelets (up to 3 years) which has allowed us to harness the singular properties of platelets to develop novel cellular therapies that address major unmet medical needs and save lives. 

Our lead product Thrombosomes® stops bleeding by aggregating at the site of bleeding and triggering the hemostatic clotting cascade, while recruiting circulating platelets.

Thrombosomes® at Work

This video shows Thrombosomes® (pale green mass) aggregated at the site of a cut and recruiting circulating human platelets (bright green moving particles) to create a clot and stop bleeding.

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