What if ambulance and emergency department clinicians could stop bleeding faster?

What if physicians could harness cells' unique capabilities to repair and heal to save lives?

What if doctors could image internal bleeding and avoid invasive surgery?

Next generation platelet-based therapeutics

Revolutionizing Allogeneic Cellular Therapeutics

Cellphire Therapeutics is developing next generation allogeneic cellular therapeutics that harness the inherent biological capabilities of human cells. Our therapeutic platform consists of three technological capabilities:

  • Stabilizing human cells for extended shelf life with rapid restoration, easy preparation and use
  • Pooling cells from many donors ensuring consistent quality, safety, and scalable production
  • Formulating cell therapies to achieve a desired biological outcome

Our lead product, Thrombosomes®, currently in Phase 2 clinical trials, is the starting point on the way to achieving our Vision. The technologies developed while creating Thrombosomes® enable a host of novel cellular therapies previously not possible.

About our science

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We are looking for talented, innovative people to join us as we work to save lives by creating transformative, stabilized cellular therapeutics. Learn more about the work we do, our team, and the benefits we have to offer.

Clinical Trials and Research

Current Clinical Trials

Cellphire is actively recruiting study sites for two Phase 2 clinical trials.

Research & Development

We are continually exploring new applications for stabilized cellular therapies.

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