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Cellphire and BodeVet® are committed to the health and well-being of all species. The companies have launched their OneHealth Initiative, which recognizes the interconnectedness between human and animal health. The Initiative connects physicians and veterinarians to inform and share translational data from veterinary clinical trials to advance both human and veterinary transfusion medicine.

Cellphire and BodeVet® are developing cell-based therapeutics for use in veterinary medicine. The companies are leveraging clinical animal data to provide post-market efficacy in veterinary patients, as well as to provide the translational data needed to support human clinical trials.

The availability of post-market veterinary clinical data in randomized trials and individual case management also provides greater insight for Cellphire as it relates to clinician acceptance, clinical case use profiles, and unanticipated indications for use.

Fully incorporating the OneHealth concept into the companies’ corporate philosophy provides BodeVet® the opportunity to conduct veterinary clinical trials to support evidence-based transfusion medicine practice. This practice will result in advanced blood products for veterinary medicine and supply the data needed to support human clinical trials of similar products.

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