The prime focus of Cellphire is the application of its proprietary cell stabilization technology to platelets. Cellphire, together with its partner the Biological Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), is actively engaged on the development of Thrombosomes® for application in battlefield and disaster applications.

Cellphire has partnerships with leading blood banks to ensure safe and secure sourcing for all its products.


Partnering Opportunities

Cellphire is actively seeking partners within industry to evaluate applications for stabilized platelets in a wide range of clinical, therapeutic and diagnostic fields. The ability to stabilize and store platelets at ambient temperatures as a dry powder, which upon reconstitution and infusion stops bleeding, offers potential solutions to current unmet needs in the fields of trauma, hematology, vascular surgery, invasive radiology, wound management, veterinary medicine, targeted drug delivery, and clinical and research diagnostics.

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The Cellphire Method

Cellphire has developed a proprietary method for the long-term stabilization of blood cells in the dry state. The first application of this technology is to develop a freeze-dried hemostatic agent derived from platelets.