What if every
emergency department could stop bleeding faster?

What if every cancer center had access to life-sustaining platelet-based products?

What if platelet shortages during natural disasters could be eliminated?

Next generation platelet-based therapeutics

Revolutionizing platelet-based therapies

Cellphire Therapeutics is developing next generation platelet-based therapeutics that are long-term shelf stable and could more rapidly treat bleeding.

Until now, donated platelets had a shelf life of 5 to 7 days. But our patented technology allows us to freeze-dry platelets—stabilizing them—so they can last for years. Our investigational product, Thrombosomes®, once approved, could be given to anyone, anywhere, any time.

About our science

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Clinical Trials and Research

Upcoming Clinical Trials

Cellphire is actively recruiting study sites for two Phase 2 clinical trials.

Research & Development

We are continually exploring new applications for platelet-based therapies.

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