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AdvancingCell Stabilization Technology

Cellphire, Inc. is a biotechnology company focusing on cell stabilization technology with a current emphasis on blood platelets.

Solving the Global Platelet Problem

Cellphire Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotech company focused on addressing the global shortage of platelets, a critical blood component necessary to stop bleeding and promote healing. 

Cellphire has developed a proprietary method for the long-term stabilization of platelets in the dry state

Thrombosomes®:  Superior to fresh platelets:

  • Extended shelf life at room temperature:  >2 years versus just 5 days for fresh platelets
  • Heat treatment for sterilization - more sterile than fresh platelets
  • Immediately activated with 10X the stopping power of fresh platelets
  • More consistent than fresh platelets
  • Greater ease of use:  just mix with sterilized water

Current efforts and product development are aimed toward stabilized platelets for advanced wound care, transfusion, anti-coagulant reversal and platelet-rich plasma products.

We have been able to stabilize and modify platelets into a hemostatic agent that can be stored well beyond the current limit of 5 days. Currently, platelets cannot be stockpiled and shortages occur because of this extremely short shelf life. These shortages can interrupt the treatment of cancer patients and actively bleeding surgical or trauma patients.

For more Cellphire products visit the Our Technology page for additional details.

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BARDA awards $69 million to Cellphire to develop freeze-dried platelets for national defense

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