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AdvancingCell Stabilization Technology

Cellphire, Inc. is a biotechnology company focusing on cell stabilization technology with a current emphasis on blood platelets.

Cellphire has developed a proprietary method for the stabilization of blood in the dry state

Current efforts and product development are aimed toward stabilized platelets for advanced wound care, transfusion, and reagent products for clinical and research diagnostics.

We have been able to stabilize and modify platelets into a hemostatic agent that can be stored well beyond the current limit of 5 days. Platelets cannot be stockpiled and shortages occur because of this extremely short shelf life. These shortages can interrupt the treatment of cancer patients and actively bleeding surgical or trauma patients.

The fragility of the national supply of platelets is a topic of discussion of several task forces and agencies planning the nation's response to a pandemic such as avian influenza. This and other natural or manmade disasters would interrupt or exceed the available supply of platelets that is needed to maintain an adequate supply or treat bleeding casualties.

UMD Program Approves 15 Technology Product Development Projects - Cellphire Inc. awarded $135,165

Stabilized cellular materials for advanced technologies

Cellphire has developed a proprietary method for the stabilization of blood in the dry state. First application of this technology will be the long term stabilization of blood platelets (freeze-dried platelets). We are developing freeze-dried stabilized platelets for hemostasis and wound-healing therapies, and as a control reagent for platelet function diagnostics.

Cellphire's first platelet stabilization product is Thrombogentâ„¢, an easily rehydrated platelet product for use as a control reagent for hematology and clinical diagnostic analysis and drug development.

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