Product Development

Many biological products are not easily stabilized and rely on "cold-chain" storage. At Cellphire we are developing a unique solution for stabilizing cells in the dry state. This is done by the application of a naturally occurring cryoprotectant (Trehalose). We've received funding from NIH, DARPA, US Army, and private investments and we currently have a contract for up to $57 million from BARDA.

Cellphire Thrombosomes®:
Cellphire Thrombosomes®, are a freeze-dried, functional platelet transfusion hemostatic agent under development. Thrombosomes® are currently being evaluated in bleeding thrombocytopenic patients in a Phase 1 safety study. Future studies could include assessing hemostasis in other bleeding patient populations.

Meeting an unmet Need:
Platelets are currently used to treat hemorrhages. They have a 5-day shelf life which limits availability and results in out-dating of 10-20% of platelet collections. An estimated 200 million dollars is wasted annually.

Potential Advantages of Thrombosomes®:

  • Heat treatment provides pathogen reduction

  • Shelf life up to 24-36 months at ambient temperature

  • Could potentially be stockpiled or deployed to areas with limited platelet availability

  • Ease of use, rehydration between 5-10 minutes with sterile water

  • Minimal outdating

Thrombogent™ is an easily rehydrated platelet product being developed for use as a control reagent for hematology and clinical diagnostic analysis and drug development.

Thromboderm™ is an advanced freeze-dried, platelet based topical hemostatic agent being developed to simultaneously enable clotting, sealing and wound healing. If approved, Thromboderm™ could be incorporated with a variety of healing materials such as collagen and/or different types of polymers and applied through a dry bandage.