An Overview of Cellphire Technology

Cellphire’s stabilization technology is based on a unique, patented, methodology for introducing high concentrations of a simple natural sugar (Trehalose) and other small molecular weight compounds into the cellular compartments, enabling stabilization of the cells in a dry state following freeze drying (lyophilization).

The basis of the technology is derived from nature. There are plants and animals able to withstand severe heat or cold by making the sugar, Trehalose, which replaces the water that evaporates over time. Once re-exposed to a humid atmosphere or water they then “come back to life” and are fully functional. There are many examples of the way nature uses Trehalose to protect a plant or animal in the dry state and return it to the living when exposed to water.

Cellphire applied this lesson learned from nature to human platelets, using Trehalose as a stabilizing agent combined with other proprietary excipients, buffers and methods to produce three different products: Thrombosomes® to treat and stop internal bleeding; Thromboderm™, for stopping external bleeding, promoting healing and treating joint strains or tears; and Thrombogent™ for use as a quality control reagent in hematology laboratories.

Each product is designed to be stable at room temperature for months to years and easily used by rehydrating with water. The Company’s lyophilized platelet product can be stored at ambient temperatures for long periods, omitting the need for refrigeration equipment and cold chain distribution. The light weight of the product favors its unconstrained transportation and availability in emergency situations.

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