Dr. Anne Hale, DVM Joins BodeVet as Chief Technical Officer

Cellphire, Inc. announced that Anne Hale, DVM has joined its veterinary subsidiary BodeVet, Inc. as its Chief Technical Officer.  Dr. Hale is a renowned expert in veterinary transfusion medicine. Dr. Hale has a strong academic track record and has received a NIH Comparative Fellowship in Transfusion Medicine. Dr. Hale founded and guided Midwest Animal Blood Services, an internationally known blood bank.  She also worked as the CEO and Director for Animal Blood Resources International while the company launched a new line of lyophilized blood products. In addition, Dr. Hale held a position as an internist at the Veterinary Emergency and Specialist Centers in New Mexico before joining BodeVet. Dr. Hale is a founding member of the American Association of Veterinary Blood Banks and is an active member of many other like organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association, the North American Veterinary Regenerative Medicine Association, and the Association of Veterinary Hematology and Transfusion Medicine. Dr. Hale is also a trustee for The Pet Blood Bank UK. Dr. Hale received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 from Auburn University.

“I look forward to helping BodeVet lead the way towards an evidence-based practice of transfusion medicine using the latest modified blood products,” said Anne Hale.  “Our lead product, StablePlate RX™, promises to profoundly influence bleeding management for both the veterinary trauma specialist and the general veterinary practitioner.”  BodeVet expects to commercially launch sales of StablePlate RX™ in September 2017.

“Dr. Hale is one of the nation’s top veterinary blood bankers,” said Cellphire CEO Stephen Willard, “We are very pleased to have her leading our efforts to save animal lives.”

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 About Cellphire, Inc. 

Cellphire, Inc. (www.cellphire.com) is working to solve the ubiquitous shortage of platelets for treatment of traumatic bleeding and other blood-related problems.  Platelets are critical to the body’s vascular system, responsible for the body’s ability to stop bleeding.  Unlike other blood products that can be frozen and stockpiled for use when needed, platelets must be stored at room temperature, and they spoil after just five days. Cellphire’s lead product, Thrombosomes®, a human platelet-derived hemostatic agent, uses a proprietary technology to freeze-dry platelets into a powder that can be stored for years, then reconstituted and brought back to life with sterilized water. Cellphire’s platform technology has tremendous potential across a wide range of medical applications from trauma to wound care, anti-coagulant reversal, imaging, targeted drug delivery and regenerative medicine.  

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